Work at Remedy

Come see the future of healthcare real estate with us.

Our industry doesn’t sit still. If we’re going to keep up, we need a team of people that’s always thinking ahead. Real estate minds trained on where healthcare is going, with bright ideas on how to get our clients there. If you’re one of those bright minds, we’d like to meet you.

We’re built to do things differently.

Real estate can have a reputation that’s, well, less than ideal. It’s one Remedy has never subscribed to. By focusing on helping our clients optimize for today and adapt for the future, we believe we can turn that reputation around. We excel at what we do because we’re a team, and we don’t let egos get in the way of that. (If you read that as no jerks allowed, you read that right.)

We’re a place where outside-the-box thinking thrives, where learning and adapting is a way of life, and where we trust our people to do the amazing things they’re brought here to do. Growth is the name of the game—for our team, for our business, for our clients, and for our industry.

And it wouldn’t be Remedy if we didn’t make growing a good time. From a CEO who decorates his office with unicorns to holiday parties headlined by comedians, we’ve mastered the art of taking our work seriously, not ourselves.

Let’s make moves together.

Learn more about career opportunities at Remedy in roles that range from sales to strategic planning and acquisitions to accounting.