AKDHC Portfolio

Arizona Kidney Disease & Hypertension Centers (AKDHC), one of the largest nephrology and hypertension specialists in the country, was interested in embarking on an aggressive expansion throughout Arizona. Remedy entered into a creatively structured programmatic investment agreement under which AKDHC renovates buildings for their use and Remedy then buys once all improvements and upgrades are complete. This perpetual cycle has provided AKDHC with working capital as well as the ability to continue expanding and focusing on its operations.

Remedy formed a relationship with AKDHC when it purchased two properties the group occupied in 2015 from a third-party seller. Based on this experience, AKDHC recognized Remedy’s dedication to partnership and pursued the programmatic structure. To date, the portfolio includes eight buildings located in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and several smaller markets, comprising a total of 260,000 square feet. The properties are 91% long-term leased, occupied by AKDHC and/or an AKDHC/Fresenius joint venture. Two additional assets are currently in the 2020 investment pipeline.

AKDHC Portfolio

8 Kidney Care/Hypertension Centers


Transaction Dates: December 2015, January 2017, June 2018, March 2019, Ongoing


square feet


long-term leased



“In my many years in real estate, I have never experienced a team like Remedy. They are the best property management group I have every worked with.”

Kim Young

Director of Real Estate, Arizona Kidney Disease & Hypertension