Outmaneuver the unexpected.

It takes flexibility to get more out of your healthcare real estate—now and in the future. That’s why we’re here. We are Remedy.

Optimize your ambulatory footprint.

Outpatient procedures will outgrow inpatient procedures by 10 times in the next decade.

The expectations of aging boomers and millennials are forcing us to re-evaluate existing models of care. Technology, convenience, and affordability are fueling a move away from hospitals to diverse networks of facilities like walk-in/retail clinics, urgent care centers, freestanding EDs, ambulatory surgery centers, micro-hospitals, and health villages. These facilities are more cost-effective, patient-centered, and produce better outcomes. They’re a win-win for your organization and the population you serve.

The Remedy Advantage

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National presence

With our extensive national presence, we’re experts at identifying priority markets and the best opportunities for development.

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Built-in strategy

Tapping into our in-house strategy team helps you monitor market fluctuations and act decisively in the face of competition.

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Service distribution expertise

Our experience optimizing service distribution and consolidating assets can simplify your network management and diversify your revenue streams.

Appeal to the consumer.

Patients have more autonomy in their care than ever before—especially in ambulatory services.

It’s a trend that’s here to stay: patients want the convenience, on-demand access, affordability, and quality they’re accustomed to in retail environments. If savvy healthcare consumers can’t find what they want in your health system or medical office, they’ll find it elsewhere. Incorporating service advancements—everything from increasing physical and virtual access points to extending care hours, personalized services, and self-service technology—solidifies your value and helps you attract strategic partners as well.

The Remedy Advantage

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Medical consumerism insights

We understand the impact of consumerism, what it means for your ambulatory strategy, and what services you need to support it.

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Community health hub experience

We’ll help you explore the strategic advantages of providing ambulatory hubs that bring together care, community, and an emphasis on wellness.

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Holistic service

Our strategy, development, and management services offer your organization access to the locations, design, amenities, and technology-based services today’s patients demand.

Diversify your physician alignment.

Source: The Physicians Foundation/Merritt Hawkins

Market forces are driving physician alignment, but not all relationships are created equal.

Physician operating costs are on the rise and so is administrative work. At the same time, guaranteed income is uncertain—and so is work-life balance. From 2000 to 2018, these factors drove a 26% increase in the number of employed physicians, bringing the total percentage to 69%. For health systems, this trend presents an opportunity to fill knowledge gaps, enhance care offerings, and strengthen their ability to deliver value-based care. But your physician-partnership strategy can’t be one-size-fits-all, especially when some markets have reached physician employment saturation. Customizing your approach to each physician practice and market is key, and Remedy can help.

The Remedy Advantage

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Physician alignment creativity

Our integrated team has the demonstrated ability to identify creative alignment solutions, including proactive outreach, co-location, synergistic services, consolidation, joint ventures, and integrated network development.

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Market-specific strategies

We can help health systems strike the right balance between physician alignment needs, unique competitive dynamics, and future growth opportunities on a market-by-market basis.

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Flexible management services

We provide engaged management services that enhance physician alignment with a friendly landlord relationship, complementary services, improved networking opportunities, and property enhancements.

Convert and conserve your capital.

Convert your real estate assets to cash and conserve liquidity on developments to maximize your ROI.

During these challenging times, healthcare providers need liquidity to care for their communities and adapt their delivery systems. At a time when businesses are looking for ways to be more “asset-light,” health systems and physician groups tend to be extremely asset-heavy thanks to their real estate holdings. We’re experts at converting those illiquid assets into cash that can be used for higher-return investments—new equipment and technology, service line expansion, physician group acquisition, and more. Remedy can also help conserve liquidity by providing capital (and carrying the risk) for new development projects.

The Remedy Advantage

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Strategic acquisition

Our agile team can execute acquisitions ranging from complex, multi-state portfolios to single-tenant properties from a variety of sources: health systems, physician groups, institutional owners, and local developers.

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Asset management

We are experts at separating commingled, on-campus operations: if outpatient facilities are managed by acute hospital staff, we can separate them for greater efficiency.

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Agile investment

We can put our capital to work for you at any stage of real estate development: before ground break, during construction, or after completion.